UK government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks.

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Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials scheme has been developed by the UK Government to fulfil two functions. It provides a clear statement of the basic controls all organisations should implement to mitigate the risk from common internet based threats. And through the Assurance Framework it offers a mechanism for organisations to demonstrate to customers, investors, insurers and others that they have taken these essential precautions. Cyber Essentials offers a sound foundation of basic hygiene measures that all types of organisations can implement and potentially build upon. By implementing these measures can significantly reduce an organisation's vulnerability. However, it does not offer a silver bullet to remove all cyber security risk; for example, it is not designed to address more advanced, targeted attacks and hence organisations facing these threats will need to implement additional measures as part of their security strategy. For more details about the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme


Different frameworks for securing a company and protecting personal data;
  • Technical security

    • Cyber Essentials

    • Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Governance and understanding of Risk

    • IASME Standard

    • ISO27001 Standard

Why consider Cyber Essentials Framework?
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Cyber Essentials helps prevent the vast majority of cyber attacks. Even a simple virus or piece of malware could result in loss of company and client data, disrupt your cash-flow and take up staff time. An attack could also put off your customers, stop you trading and damage your hard-earned reputation. It could also be reported in the local media. Loss of data could breach the General Data Protection Regulation and lead to fines or prosecution.

Having a Cyber Essentials badge will :

  • Protect your organisation against common cyber threats

  • Show your customers you take this issue seriously

  • Enable you to bid for Government contracts.

Since October 2014 Cyber Essentials has been mandatory for suppliers of Government contracts which involve handling personal information and providing some ICT products and services. Holding a Cyber Essentials badge enables you to bid for these contracts. Find out more here.

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Our Assurance Solutions

Meta Defence Labs is a certification body trained and licensed to certify against both the Government's Cyber Essentials Scheme and the IASME governance standard. We are also available to offer consulting services to help you achieve these certifications.

Cyber Essentials
Self Certification

  • Compliance pre-check

  • Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials + IASME
Self Certification

  • Compliance pre-check

  • Cyber Essentials Certification

  • IASME Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification
with Support

Cyber Essentials + IASME Gold
Audited Certification

  • Compliance pre-check & consultation with a cybersecurity specialist

  • Onsite audit

  • Certification for Cyber Essentials and IASME

Cyber Essentials + IASME Gold with Support

  • Compliance pre-check & consultation with a cybersecurity specialist

  • Onsite audit

  • Certification for Cyber Essentials &

  • Onsite assistance on implementation

  • 3-month telephone and e-mail support

  • One -to-one guidance with an assessor

  • Compliance pre-check

  • Cyber Essentials Certification

  • Onsite assistance on implementation

  • 1-month telephone and
     e-mail support


  • One -to-one guidance with
    an assessor

About IASME Framework

The IASME Governance standard was developed over several years during a government funded project to create a cybersecurity standard which would be an affordable and achievable alternative to the international standard, ISO27001.

The IASME Governance standard allows the small companies in a supply chain to demonstrate their level of cybersecurity for a realistic cost and indicates that they are taking good steps to properly protect their customers' information.

The IASME Governance assessment includes a Cyber Essentials assessment and is available either as a self assessment or on-site audit. Since the 1st March 2017, it has also included an optional assessment against the GDPR requirements.

  • The assessment is available as a verified self-assessment or an on-site audit.

  • You can download a free copy of the IASME Governance Standard here.


Audited IASME Governance (sometimes known as IASME Gold) is an independent on-site audit of the level of information security provided by your organisation. It offers a similar level of assurance to the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard but is simpler and often cheaper for small and medium-sized organisation to implement.

The standard includes all of the five Cyber Essentials technical topics and adds additional topics that mostly relate to people and processes, for example:

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Training and managing people

  • Change management

  • Monitoring

  • Backup

  • Incident response and business continuity


By gaining the Audited IASME Governance certificate your organisation is achieving IASME’s highest level of certification and providing assurance to customers and suppliers that your organisation’s security has been audited by a skilled, independent third-party.

Cyber Essentials, IASME Governance and the EU General Data Protection Regulation – How do they help?