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Web Application Firewall (WAF) Support

A WAF is a device that acts like a more advanced and intelligent firewall that filters out the malformed data of malicious attacks to your environment, checks for valid input before forwarding on to your environment. Some of these attacks include;

  • Distributed Denial of Service DDOS

  • SQL Injection

  • Cross-Site scripting

With the ever increasing web threats to businesses keeping websites and data safe can be challenging for IT teams. We can help you configure your Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to make it easier for you to be prepared and be resilient for any cyber-attacks by minimising the risks of compromising your data security that can disrupt your business activities. The problem with data breeches is that not only you lose your data you also lose the trust relationship with your clients that could potentially lead to your business going bankrupt.

What Is Web Application Firewall (WAF) Support?
Why Use WAF?
  • A WAF is an ideal solution for you if you have vulnerable services or poorly coded sites that do not validate input data or are running at high risk.

  • This will benefit any organisation that has mission critical applications that hold critical data.

  • Offers security in a way of not just blocking ports but actually inspecting packets to look for correct requests coming from correct hosts to protect the organisation.

  • Implementing our WAF solution is that it does not require any down time to your service.

What We Offer
  • We recommend using a physical WAF device if your web servers are physical, but in many cases a virtual WAF can provide the required protection for cheaper if you already have a virtualised environment.

  • At Meta Defence Labs we offer you initial consultation, design, Implementation and maintenance of your WAF.

  • As your WAF service provider we will be able to offer you reports and statistics on your online services and the types of attacks being blocked.

  • Depending on the type of WAF you pick we could also help you secure other applications such as web mail for you to securely access on the go.

Learn more about why WAF is better compared to Firewalls, from Citrix 

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