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Certified  Partner

As a Certified Partner we provide consultancy through to services delivery of the threat detection and classification products from Darktrace. 

VMware Professional Solution Provider

As a VMware Professional Solution Provider we are equipped with the right technology and the expert knowledge to deliver services from designing to planning and implementation of industry leading virtualization and cloud computing solutions

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1500+ outstanding experts and 80+ boutique firms providing joined-up expertise to over 1000 organisations around the globe

Cyber Exchange
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The Cyber Exchange is a not-for-profit initiative
A simple registration enables participants across industry, academia and government to interact, providing the opportunity to place their organisations at the forefront of this UK cybersecurity shop window free of charge. The directory search facility enables users to find organisations of different type, sector, category and accreditation to match their own requirements. Once a member, the crowd-sourcing nature of the site means organisations can list news, events and resources, raise their profile and provide opportunities across the whole cyber sector. Using the intuitive search facility, they can find out what they may need to protect themselves from, as well as the breadth of help available to provide that protection.

EC-Council was formed as the result of very disheartening research after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Founder, Jay Bavisi, after watching the attacks unfold, postured the question, what if a similar attack were to be carried out on the Cyber battlefield? Would the information security community have the tools and resources at their disposal to thwart such an attack? At that time, the answer was no. EC-Council, officially incorporated as the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants was formed to create information security training and certification programs to help the very community our connected economy would rely on to save them from a devastating Cyber Attack. EC-Council rapidly gained the support of top researchers and subject matter experts around the world and launched its first Information Security Program, the Certified Ethical Hacker. With this ever-growing team of subject matter experts and InfoSec researchers, EC-Council continued to build various standards, certifications and training programs in the electronic commerce and information security space.

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